In each of her Ghost mystery novels, small town lawyer Alice Macdonald Greer must unravel a murder with its roots in the past...long ago.

Ghost Dog

The latest installment in the Alice MacDonald Greer Mystery series finds the intrepid sleuth caught up in the intriguing world of Texas country folk music when one popular artist is found dead in a swimming pool and another goes missing.

The body of folk icon Annie Temple is discovered just before a concert at the chic recording studio and retreat of Twin Springs, and police suspect a young singer-songwriter, Tessa McElroy, of the murder. It seems that Annie recorded a commercial using Tessa’s signature song without her permission. But Alice has concerns about the business practices of the recording studio—and owner Ray Gimble’s strange obsession with killing an engaging stray dog.

Alice is also hired to help a local rancher deal with the abandoned belongings of Blanton Geddes, the fabled bad-boy singer known for sporadically disappearing—except this time, he’s left behind not only his truck but also an unpublished novel and recordings of a new song cycle.

Set against the rustic beauty of Texas Hill Country, Ghost Dog features lively dialogue, quirky characters, and heartfelt music as the small-town lawyer unravels an old mystery to solve a new one.

Ghost Cave


Big-city lawyer Alice MacDonald Greer moves her office to the small town of Coffee Creek, in the heart of Texas Hill Country. As she is learning to enjoy the quirky residents, brusque, elderly rancher Ollie West walks into her office.


Ollie wants her to create a trust to protect prehistoric rock paintings on his ranch. Alice obliges, intrigued by the unexpected power of the ancient paintings.


When Ollie is murdered, Alice is determined to honor his wishes—in spite of his family. And what starts as a series of inept break-ins at Alice’s office and ranch escalates into violence by an unknown adversary. Climbing the cliffs of Cloud Ranch once more to seek inspiration from the rock art, Alice finds herself not only fighting to vindicate Ollie, but fighting for her life.


The first of the Alice MacDonald Greer Mystery series, Ghost Cave plunges the reader into a world of ancient shamans and murderous greed. In the heart of Texas, the passion for land runs deep—sometimes dangerously so.

Ghost Letter

The third title in the Alice MacDonald Greer mystery series, Ghost Letter follows the lawyer and sometime sleuth as she continues to build her practice—and her life—in the arid beauty of Texas Hill Country.


When a local antiques dealer presents a letter to Congressman Sandro Navarro that suggests his father, Alejandro, is the illegitimate heir of a long-dead oil scion named Alex Drinkman, Alice knows that this information will likely cause plenty of waves in the community.


Sure enough, someone leaks the letter to the press, setting off a chain of events that culminates in the death of one of Sandro’s top aides…and Alice agreeing to represent ninety-four-year-old Alejandro in his quest to establish himself as Drinkman's rightful heir.

But powerful oil barons don’t take kindly to people staking claim on their land or money. Alice and Alejandro quickly find themselves targets of the Drinkman family’s considerable power—plunging Alice into a world of antique rifles, spy technology, and corrupt politics—all while juggling her friendships with local characters like Red, who runs a horse rescue operation, and navigating an increasingly smoldering relationship with Ben Kinsear.

Ghost Next Door

During night-time fireworks at Coffee Creek's first official barbecue cook-off, deep in Texas Hill Country, lawyer Alice MacDonald Greer trips over the murdered body of a sharp-tongued food writer. The hotly competitive grill-masters all possess sharp knives and stout alibis. With local law enforcement baffled, the mystery darkens when a malevolent stalker pursues Alice and her engaging but secretive client using arson, assault and highway terror. Alice finds herself needing far more than her legal skills to survive. An Alice MacDonald Greer legal thriller, full of smoke, music, mayhem and suspense.

Ghost Cat

Real estate's hot in once peaceful Coffee Creek, Texas--hotter than lawyer Alice MacDonald Greer has ever seen. An unscrupulous developer is muscling in on the small town, abusing undocumented workers and menacing his neighbors. Ignoring threats, Alice challenges him in court. She also helps new client Holly establish a trust for an injured sister. But when Alice's romantic companion Ben Kinsear and Holly's husband join a cowboy action shooting competition, Holly's found dead. Her trust fund money has vanished into thin air. With another client nearly suffocated in a wine vat, Alice has a target on her back. A devious mastermind is intent on stopping her--permanently.

Is she snakebit? Who's pulling these murderous strings? As catastrophic spring flooding hits the rugged landscape of the Texas Hill Country, Alice will need more than legal skills to foil a scheme that threatens her town, her clients, her life.

Ghost Daughter

When lawyer Alice MacDonald Greer finds the dead body of her friend and client Ellie Windom at the foot of a staircase, a terrorized horse dancing nearby, she knows trouble’s coming. Serving as executor for her friend’s will means grappling with Ellie’s explosive secrets: a long-lost daughter unknown to her feuding sons and a long-ago lover with enemies of his own. Alice quickly discovers her friend had a treasure trove of hidden art with questionable history, and the vultures begin to circle. Intruders, carjackers, and greedy heirs all want a seat at the feast. Join Alice as she tries to dodge danger and uncover the murderous truth in a race across Texas and New Mexico (with occasional stops for barbecue).